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September Newsletter


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New Website Links

While you have been busy this summer entertaining guests, we have been very busy enhancing our software. Our development team have been focusing on getting more websites added to the MyUK.Travel Property Management System Channel Manager. In the next few days our system will be making live updates to Venere,, Expedia & Tripadvisor and these are soon to be followed by and

We are also working with iKnowUK to introduce our Zero Commission Online Booking system to their website. This means any existing customers of iKnowUK will be able to take commission free online bookings via the iKnowUK website.

We don’t charge any added distributions fees or booking fees for bookings you receive from any of our partner websites. Our channel management is included in the use of our property management system and with our pricing starting at only £199 a year we are without a doubt offering one of the best deals in the UK at present. Please visit our PRICING SECTION where you are able to get a live quotation for using our online booking system and property management system/channel manager.

TRY IT BEFORE YOU BUY IT! You can download and install the MyUK.Travel PMS software as a FREE trial version. CLICK HERE to set up an account and install our software or give us a call on 0845 163 5163 and one of our friendly staff will be more than happy to help you get it set up and discuss any questions you may have. Installation of our system is quick and easy and you have absolutely nothing to lose!

The MyUK.Travel PMS will allow you to manage your rates, availability and bookings on various major websites. Added to the above list we already link with, laterooms,, and more.

If you are using any 3rd party websites that our channel manager doesn't currently link to, then please let us know, and we will look at adding them to our list of partners.

Selling in low season

Direct Bookings | 3rd Party Websites | Email | Special Offers

Autumn is here, and for many accommodation businesses your seasonal bookings are slowing down, so this is an important time to work out how to keep a decent level of business coming through the door. Added to the pressure of holiday bookings tailing off, the current economy is far from ideal plus it is an extremely competitive market as every other tourism business is in the same boat. Now is the time to be smart about how and where new bookings are generated from and to make sure you make a decent profit on all bookings.

As an accommodation business you should spend the most time looking at ways to generate direct bookings. This can be achieved by advertising online on places like google, facebook and possibly doing banner advertising on relevant websites. If for instance you have a lot of cyclists staying at your property, find out which websites your customers are likely to visit.

You should also look at marketing via email if you dont already do so. Many accommodation businesses have a database full of email addresses, but fail to engage with their customers after they have stayed. Remember that sending emails is FREE and it takes no time at all to create an email campaign (especially in the MyUKTravel property management system) and send it out to all of your customers. A regular update with whats new in your area, what local events are happening and details of an enticing special offer, are a proven way to increase bookings.

No matter what advertising you do, you should direct potential customers to your website. Make sure your website is appealing with relevant up to date information and pricing. Don’t forget to add some great photos!

Once you have got customers to your website it is CRITICAL that they can easily see your availability and rates, so make sure you offer online booking! Lastly, don’t make the mistake of paying commission for customers booking on your own website. It may only be a couple of percent, but this really adds up over the year. Why should another company gain commission for YOUR hard work?

You should also promote your rooms on 3rd party websites like and Late Rooms. These companies spend millions in advertising and it is well worth allocating some inven


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