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Groups & Associations

Solutions for groups of properties, i-Sites, RTOs and travel agencies

Our NEW online availability and booking services specifically designed for groups and associations make it easy for members of ANY group/association to share their room availability amongst each other; plus with our new public online booking service, customers can quickly and easily make bookings via your group's own website.


Now the best bit: we are providing these services on a 'freemium' basis; the basic core services are FREE of charge to use. However you can opt to use one of our paid services if you wish. For instance you can upgrade from our FREE basic online booking service to our premium instant confirmation booking service; which can also be used as the ZERO commission booking service on your own website. This 'freemium' approach ensures that even with large groups, everyone can participate and cost is not a barrier to participation.

Easy To Use, Flexible And Highly Customisable

Like all of our software, these new services have been specifically designed to be really EASY TO USE. This is essential as many accommodation operators are not technical geniuses and haven't got the time to sit down and read a manual in order to learn how to use a new system. We've also put a lot of effort into making the services very FLEXIBLE and CUSTOMISABLE. This means that these new services can be used by virtually ANY type of group/association and it also means that you don't have to make any compromises in how you want everything to work, or how you want it to look.

FREE Online Availabiliy / Referral System

Our online availability / referral service makes it easy for you to help guests find accommodation when you are full or cannot offer the types of accommodation that they are looking for.

Availability Search

As an accommodation operator, you can belong to as many groups in our system as you wish. Some groups may be public (ie any property can use them) whilst others may be private (eg groups associated with accommodation chains). If you opt to use multiple groups then you can choose which groups you wish to search in when looking for accommodation. For instance your first loyalty may be to your accommodation chain, the next maybe to your local association and so on.

Groups such as tourist information centers, travel agents and wholesalers may earn commission on bookings made through the system. Like our Property Management System (PMS), you can set on a day to day basis how much commission you are willing to pay to sell your rooms and the system will automatically work out whether to display your rooms for these commissionable groups. This gives you full control of where your rooms are sold and allows you to vary your participation according to how full your property is. So for instance, if you are coming up to a busy weekend, you may choose to set your maximum commission to 0% - which means that your rooms will only be sold via groups that are commission-free. If you are very quiet then you may wish to set the max commission higher, to maximise the chances of selling your rooms.

FREE Group Online Booking Service

If you have a website for your group/association, then we can provide an online booking service FREE of charge that can easily be embedded into your website so that it looks like part of your site. The online booking service can be customised to your requirements and we can even change the look and feel to match your website.

Hastings Grid Search

As a group, you decide which search options you wish to give customers. So you may wish to add options such as 'property type', location, qualmark rating, property name or property facilities to help you find exactly what you are looking for. Plus you can choose the order that the search results are returned in (the default order is random).

The search results can be viewed in grid, list or map view layouts (these options again are customisable). In this example the map view includes a circle overlayed on the search location which indicates the search radius in Kms.

Hastings Map Search

Clicking on a property in the search results will display the property's full listing. You can update all of the content including descriptions, facilities, features, policies, payment methods and a whole lot more on your listing yourself, and you can even upload photos to create a slideshow to exhibit all of the best features of your property. Customers can make a booking by simply completing the booking sequence on the 'Availability & Booking Page'.

Example Property Listing

Questions & Answers

Can any type of group use this new service? How big does a group have to be? How long will it take us to get up and running? Can our group monitor the service? What are the differences between your FREE request only online booking service and your full instant confirmation service? Can we customise our group public booking page? Can we trial the service? How do we get up and running? Why don't you charge customers a booking fee like some of the other group booking services on the market?

Case Study: Isle Of Man

We have been working now for some time with the Isle Of Man government to provide all accommodation providers on the island with a ZERO commission online booking service.

Working with the government's tourism depertment we helped build a solution customised to the specifc needs of a diverse range of accommodation types ranging from large hotels to small B&Bs and campgrounds.

Read the full case study to see how individual operators and the island as a whole have benefitted.

Why use our services?

  • As the original designers/owners of the Motel Association's Duty Motel system, we have over 14 years experience working with groups, big and small.
  • We run the online availability and booking service for the entire Isle Of Man (this includes around 400 properties ranging from large hotels to small B&Bs and even seasonal self-catering properties)
  • FREE to use
  • Flexible and customisable
  • NO customer booking fees
  • NO restrictions on the types of properties that can use our services

More Details

Please Contact Us if you would like more details.

Our groups and associations services are ideal for hotels, B&Bs, motels, holiday parks and other accommodation suppliers.

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